What’s Wotzi

Our origins

Wotzi comes from the words Web and Otzi. Otzi is the mummy that was found in the Alps more than 3000 metres high close to the Italian –Austrian border. There are many theories why this man climbed so high, and although no agreement exists, it is obvious that something drove him outside of hunting areas, living space or comfort and that this something still persists in each one of us. This spirit is Wotzi, exploring, reaching goals, enjoying nature, the solitude, the stillness, the sound of the waterfalls, the flying eagles, the warm breeze of the southern winds, the cliffs above the sea waves and so much more.

There are a vast number of mountains, from the most modest to the sacred mountains and there are almost an infinite number of paths that can be taken. In Wotzi we get up every morning with the spirit to record and present them on our web page so that everyone can enjoy them. If you feel the spirit, climb and enjoy nature. Each and every one of us can start from our area and continue further, between all of us we will make Wotzi’s map even better, reach places previously never explored and reach goals that never before have been attained. With spirit, strength, consistency, sacrifice and the ability to overcome difficulties, we will make the greatest visual guide of the unknown.

P.S. The mummy can now be found in the Bolzano Museum. You can see the photo on the Wotzi Facebook page.